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Human Blood Group character Bases

Based someone personality blood group.
Blood group: A, B, O, AB

At Japan, forecast ttg more someone to be determined by blood group than zodiac or shio. Why? Allegedly, that blood group is prescribed by particular protein that build all cell at our body and therefore also determine our psychology. Really or not?

A. organized, consistence, tall collaboration soul, but always worry (krn is perfectionist) one that sometime cause org is easily one bell, politics trend: ‘destra ’
B nyantai, easy going, at liberty, and utmost lives it up, politics trend: ’sinistra ’
O high-minded, supel, not wants ngalah, allergy on what does detail, politics trend: ‘centro ’
Unique AB, nyleneh, ingenious, split personality, politics trend


The most is easily ngaret a matter of time
1 B (krn nyantai continually)
2 O (krn flamboyan)
3 AB (krn is easily substitute program)
4 A. (krn fails in discipline)

Distress the most mentolerir glosses over org:
1 A. (krn is perfectionist and narsismenya too large)
2 B (krn easy going but also easy judging)
3 AB (krn is difference origin)
4 O (easy judging but also easy pardoning)

The most believable:
1 A. (krn is consistence and obedient jurisdictional)
2 O (to look after balance)
3 B (to look after life enjoyment)
4 AB (edge out of reference's frame replacing)

The most liked by utk so friend:
1 O (its person is sportive)
2 A. (evers be on time and a hair's breadth)
3 AB (creative)
4 B (depend mood)

Inversely, friend is disebelin / the most unwelcome:
1 B (egoist, easy come easy go, its own wants)
2 AB (double is standard)
3 A. (over obedient and scrupulous)
4 O (are hard give in)


One that easiest kesasar / lose one's self
1 B
2 A.
3 O
4 AB

All the much reaches for medal at sport olympiad:
1 O (sport rooster)
2 A. (exactly and mathematical)
3 B (are not effected pressure of about. Nearly exhaustive judo athlete, bathing and bergoldar's japan wrestling o)
4 AB (allergy on each sport type)

All the much becomes director and boss
1 O (krn gets leadership's soul and problem solver) hahahaha amiiinnnn …. gw nih's blood group
2 A. (krn gets person ‘ minute ’ and conscientious)
3 B (krn sensitif and edge out takes a decision)
4 AB (creative krn and fond risk)

One that so PM japan average gets blood group
1 O (get chief soul)

Tokyo Univ's college student in a general way gets blood goal: B

The most is easily nabung:
1 A. (favor accounts bank interest)
2 O (favor sees prospect)
3 AB (saving krn has project)
4 B (new saves if have money a lot of)

One that strongest its remembering
1 O
2 AB
3 A.
4 B

Match the most becomes MC:
1 A. (rich planner walks)


Length the most age:
1 O (not easy stress, antibodynya is joss's utmost!)
2 A. (set life)
3 B (edge out sought for compensation stress)
4 AB (disorder)

The most is easily tubby
1 O (big appetite, cepet's eating again) hahaahha …. bener banget nih ….
2 B (its eating is long time, nambah continually, and again goody favor)
3 A. (just eating what do be at edgewise, be affected diet program)
4 AB (mood's pending eating, edge out apt anoressia)

Best of all easy bitten by mosquito:
O (its blood is nice)

The most is easily flu / fever / cough / head cold
1 A. (namby pamby to virus and pernyakit contaminates)
2 AB (namby pamby thd hygiene)
3 O (delicate whatever eating or not delicate)
4 B (eating, sleep not set)

What do be made on eating event at one party:
O (there are many ngambil hewani's protein, in essence daging2an) this jg bener ….
A. (ngambil that counterbalanced. 4 healthy 5 perfect)
B (alimentary fetching favor one a lot of its water content spt soup, soto, bakso etcetera)
AB (hobby tastes all cookery, ‘aji mumpung ’)

One that fastest bald:
1 O
2 B
3 A.
4 AB

One that its sleep most well-sleep and cumbersome being built:
1 B (regular grunts even there is Tsunami)
2 AB (if again mood, sleeping is everything)
3 A. (sleep shall 8 hours one day, accord law)
4 O (sleep new if quite a tired and needing)

cepet the most asleep
1 B (ngantuk is easiest, even while even stand can asleep)
2 O (If again tired and not available kerjaan is easily go to n ngantuk)
3 AB (depend the will)
4 A. (depend order and orario)

Easy disease attacks:
A. (stress, absentminded majenun /)
B (namby pamby to influenza virus, lung)
O (digestive trouble and easy apt bellyache) this jg bener …
AB (cancer and coronary, edge out surprises)

what do need encouraged that healthy regular:
A. (Krn over perfectionist therefore nyantailah on and off, not usah over erect and serious)
B (Krn over cumbersome concentrate, on and off needs serious few, meditation, main is chess)
O (Krn energis to high concentrate, therefore needs also chat easy going, take the air)
AB (Krn is easily tired, therefore needs to look for agreeable activity and capacious cause).

One that right usually traffic accident (base police force data)
1 A.
2 B
3 O
4 AB

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