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The Beauty Of The Mountain State of Indonesia

1. Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is one of five volcanic mountain complex located in the Tengger Mountains in the ocean sand. The attraction of this mountain is a mountain that is still active. Sightseeing Mount Bromo is a natural phenomenon with a specificity of natural phenomena that are not found elsewhere is the presence of craters in the middle of the crater (in the creater creater) with a stretch of sea sand that surrounds it.

2. Mount Krakatau

The eruption of Mount Krakatoa never shake the earth. This volcano has erupted on August 26, 1883. Explosion is very powerful and also cause a tsunami that killed about 36,000 people.
Krakatau eruption voice to be heard in Alice Springs, Australia and the island of Rodrigues near Africa. Mount Krakatau in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra. Even the dust is said to get to outer space. Although Krakatoa was not as dangerous as it used to be (hopefully) but its history is one of the natural wonders of its own.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is a tourist spot located in the south of Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta is located in Badung. This area is a tourist destination abroad, and has become a mainstay tourist island of Bali since the early 70's. Kuta Beach is often referred to as sunset beach (sunset beach) as opposed to the Sanur beach.
In Kuta there are many shops, restaurants and places baths and drying herself. Besides the beauty of its beach, Kuta beach also offers various other types of entertainment such as bars and restaurants along the beach to Legian beach. Rosovivo, Ocean Beach Club, Kamasutra, are some of the most crowded clubs along the beach of Kuta.
This beach also has a pretty good waves for surfing sports (surfing), especially for novice surfers. Field I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport is located not far from Kuta.


Kartini Day - R. Ajeng Kartini is one of the heroes of the struggle of women who were born on April 21, 1879 in the town of Jepara, Central Java. RA Kartini during his lifetime, including children who are diligent and avid reader of books that's why he got a scholarship opportunity to attend school abroad to the Netherlands. But that opportunity has not been in use by RA Kartini because they have to marry Raden Duke Joyodiningrat.

But RA Kartini's struggle did not stop there, After marriage she established a school for girls in various places. It is fully supported by her husband RA Kartini's struggle to stop katika he breathed last in a relatively young age of 25 years, On 17 September 1904. because the struggle against women who used the school may not make as if the world changes because of RA Kartini's struggle, because That Appears book titled "After Darkness Light" by Mr.JH Abendanon.

Biography of RA Kartini above makes us salute will struggle to get the right of a woman who was not allowed to get an education and now a woman can get an education up to the level that he is able. therefore, to commemorate the struggle and Cultural RA Kartini each on 21 April every year in sabagai commemorate Kartini Day.

We as the next generation should mencotoh RA Kartini's struggle is with the persistent struggle for their rights as women and do not never give up before the death. In the year we commemorate Kartini's Day should not only fill in the activities of a temporary example: race, work and other clothing - but more toward the other to something that is the struggle that would be more useful for ourselves, others and even to the state. If all that could walk Hopefully Indonesia will be the country that Britain, strong and civilized.

Happy Kartini Day ..... Women in created not for the oppressed or abused, but for the respect and love .... :)

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9 Trick Cheat That Right Usually been used Student

1. "Memory External"
This trick is one right usually be done & really effective. Utilizing little paper, so making easy while mission cheats to be done. This trick have jeopardy that don't outsize. Why? kerena is with size paper which little, while move is cheats is not over make suspect teacher & also enough easying to remove prove goods if suspect teacher. If beginning teacher suspects us, we can direct squeeze" that paper & discards it is far" or we can hide at shoe / sock. But all it must been done by meteoric & heart". This trick not suggested for one sits is in front since really tall beresiko.

2. "Hardisk"
This trick very high risk. Also Failing Its big zoom. This trick just Used by lazy student (lazy lazy cheat learned and Also Cause) & having guts tall. This trick so risky and have tall Handicap zoom Because needs berkolong's table, Marshall shuffle through pages, evoking voice & Move That suspicious. If caught even learn very Difficult remove track and its length cans business. Making the point so it does some suggested divides That sitting front.

3. "Sharing & Security"

Makes the point this also comprises that right usually been done at ane's class. In this trick available 2 figures which is servers & client. Class such as one computer network. Server has smart person deep a subject. Server on call divide answer that it knows to client. At within class must exists a lot of server for various tutorial. Since if just relies 1 server, its reaching energy so narrow. Answers pervading trick can pass through sobekkan paper, finger code (if double helix problem), or peer even 2 peer (via gab noiselessly)

This trick won't walk wheter regarding there is student which meanie / ngibul's worker. This trick needs time that adequately long time because needs time that adequately long time because has to pass many steps which is, process "upload" answer by server, "download" answer by client, & answers pervading process it. This trick gets to be applied to is sitting front. ketahuannya's jeopardy clings to kekompakkan & kekreatifan dlm broadcasts & accept answer.

4. "Mbah Google"

This trick capitalize hp & puls. Actually it makes the point with by no. 3, its only difference That dipake more sophisticated technology & modern. But goodly outgrows its Failing Jeopardy. Klo Evenless caught & taken by tuh's teacher hp can "move & its business ownership cans longer of no. 3.

5. "Spy Shot"

This trick is utilized if friend one stool you meanie. You shall have eye that sharply & utilize time as soon as possible utk does it. This trick effective reducing because usually person which meanie tries as useful as possible utk hide its answer. She also have trik" one that makes you not sentient / mimic its answer.


This trick a lot of utilized by students which lazy makes cheat. Usually they mem poto kupi binds books to print / note. Usually binds books / catetan at photostat minimizes 30 40 times.


Now is his time technology. Everything was computerized. Likewise with cheating. Actually, this way the step no. 4, the difference is only in this way ill need a pulse. Today's cheating to use the tools "such as hp or sophisticated watches, etc.. For about math & inexact can use kaluklator hp. For about b. ing / bhs other foreigners can use the dictionary on the mob. For about memorizing can use the pad on hp. Even temen ane some have at hand who can enter the cheat.

8."Find Inspiration in WC"

This method is quite powerful way of reply if we are stuck and do not have a cheat sheet. Usually you have to work together to put the book / catetak / cheat others in the toilet (of course in a place which is hidden). If you bener "has stuck to the toilet before you go to view it. Do not flock to the toilet because it will make teachers' suspicions. But this way are well known by teachers, jd should be" lah!

9. "Ngebatik"

Ngebatik's how to cheat with the media's hand or table. This method is old-fashioned way but tend to be effective and relatively safe. This method can be used for sit-down front, but must be "& alert!

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Human Blood Group character Bases

Based someone personality blood group.
Blood group: A, B, O, AB

At Japan, forecast ttg more someone to be determined by blood group than zodiac or shio. Why? Allegedly, that blood group is prescribed by particular protein that build all cell at our body and therefore also determine our psychology. Really or not?

A. organized, consistence, tall collaboration soul, but always worry (krn is perfectionist) one that sometime cause org is easily one bell, politics trend: ‘destra ’
B nyantai, easy going, at liberty, and utmost lives it up, politics trend: ’sinistra ’
O high-minded, supel, not wants ngalah, allergy on what does detail, politics trend: ‘centro ’
Unique AB, nyleneh, ingenious, split personality, politics trend


The most is easily ngaret a matter of time
1 B (krn nyantai continually)
2 O (krn flamboyan)
3 AB (krn is easily substitute program)
4 A. (krn fails in discipline)

Distress the most mentolerir glosses over org:
1 A. (krn is perfectionist and narsismenya too large)
2 B (krn easy going but also easy judging)
3 AB (krn is difference origin)
4 O (easy judging but also easy pardoning)

The most believable:
1 A. (krn is consistence and obedient jurisdictional)
2 O (to look after balance)
3 B (to look after life enjoyment)
4 AB (edge out of reference's frame replacing)

The most liked by utk so friend:
1 O (its person is sportive)
2 A. (evers be on time and a hair's breadth)
3 AB (creative)
4 B (depend mood)

Inversely, friend is disebelin / the most unwelcome:
1 B (egoist, easy come easy go, its own wants)
2 AB (double is standard)
3 A. (over obedient and scrupulous)
4 O (are hard give in)


One that easiest kesasar / lose one's self
1 B
2 A.
3 O
4 AB

All the much reaches for medal at sport olympiad:
1 O (sport rooster)
2 A. (exactly and mathematical)
3 B (are not effected pressure of about. Nearly exhaustive judo athlete, bathing and bergoldar's japan wrestling o)
4 AB (allergy on each sport type)

All the much becomes director and boss
1 O (krn gets leadership's soul and problem solver) hahahaha amiiinnnn …. gw nih's blood group
2 A. (krn gets person ‘ minute ’ and conscientious)
3 B (krn sensitif and edge out takes a decision)
4 AB (creative krn and fond risk)

One that so PM japan average gets blood group
1 O (get chief soul)

Tokyo Univ's college student in a general way gets blood goal: B

The most is easily nabung:
1 A. (favor accounts bank interest)
2 O (favor sees prospect)
3 AB (saving krn has project)
4 B (new saves if have money a lot of)

One that strongest its remembering
1 O
2 AB
3 A.
4 B

Match the most becomes MC:
1 A. (rich planner walks)


Length the most age:
1 O (not easy stress, antibodynya is joss's utmost!)
2 A. (set life)
3 B (edge out sought for compensation stress)
4 AB (disorder)

The most is easily tubby
1 O (big appetite, cepet's eating again) hahaahha …. bener banget nih ….
2 B (its eating is long time, nambah continually, and again goody favor)
3 A. (just eating what do be at edgewise, be affected diet program)
4 AB (mood's pending eating, edge out apt anoressia)

Best of all easy bitten by mosquito:
O (its blood is nice)

The most is easily flu / fever / cough / head cold
1 A. (namby pamby to virus and pernyakit contaminates)
2 AB (namby pamby thd hygiene)
3 O (delicate whatever eating or not delicate)
4 B (eating, sleep not set)

What do be made on eating event at one party:
O (there are many ngambil hewani's protein, in essence daging2an) this jg bener ….
A. (ngambil that counterbalanced. 4 healthy 5 perfect)
B (alimentary fetching favor one a lot of its water content spt soup, soto, bakso etcetera)
AB (hobby tastes all cookery, ‘aji mumpung ’)

One that fastest bald:
1 O
2 B
3 A.
4 AB

One that its sleep most well-sleep and cumbersome being built:
1 B (regular grunts even there is Tsunami)
2 AB (if again mood, sleeping is everything)
3 A. (sleep shall 8 hours one day, accord law)
4 O (sleep new if quite a tired and needing)

cepet the most asleep
1 B (ngantuk is easiest, even while even stand can asleep)
2 O (If again tired and not available kerjaan is easily go to n ngantuk)
3 AB (depend the will)
4 A. (depend order and orario)

Easy disease attacks:
A. (stress, absentminded majenun /)
B (namby pamby to influenza virus, lung)
O (digestive trouble and easy apt bellyache) this jg bener …
AB (cancer and coronary, edge out surprises)

what do need encouraged that healthy regular:
A. (Krn over perfectionist therefore nyantailah on and off, not usah over erect and serious)
B (Krn over cumbersome concentrate, on and off needs serious few, meditation, main is chess)
O (Krn energis to high concentrate, therefore needs also chat easy going, take the air)
AB (Krn is easily tired, therefore needs to look for agreeable activity and capacious cause).

One that right usually traffic accident (base police force data)
1 A.
2 B
3 O
4 AB

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"Jakarta, City with Mal majority at World

VIVAnews is Shopping Center or mal at Jakarta was growing outside conducts. There are many area which originally unplanned as business area shall change over function as commercial area.

According to Planolog Trisakti's University, Yayat Supriatna, mal who is at Jakarta was overshot ideal bounds. It makes Jakarta become city with mal majority at world.

Amount the shopping center which is at Jakarta up to 170 more and was overshot ideal boundses of its population.

"Ought to there is scale to manage that mal's amount barren considerably quick. Even on behalf globalization and internation trade," say Yayat to, Tuesday 20th July 2010.

Jakarta society that kerap makes mal as salving as depression and stress makes developer continually develop their IDE to build shopping center that has a lot of function.

"City garden function gets lost. Now if wants whatever be at mal. Are not a only expense, there is sport medium, amusement, and a lot of tending other requirement for escapee," say Yayat.

Yayat adds, there are many area which necessarily becomes water diffusion region and changed green open as business area. Penyabab is green area invasion main as commercial area, stem from penegakan sets region room at DKI Jakarta that really loosens.
A lot of it mal's development at this Jakarta, also frets a number circle. Last is polemical mal's development at Garden Fun senayan. mal's development plan gift reveals that Ahmadi, PT Ario Bimo's delegation (farm tenant), after Shuts Close Opinion Hearing with Commission II. DPR and secretary of state ministry at DPR'S building, Monday, 19th July 2010

"Its concept is following becomes entertainment center or amusement centre that proveded with by city garden. We hold Lippo as operator," say gift.
mal's development at Garden Fun senayan this, according to Governor DKI Fauzi Bowo's Jakarta haven't had analisisi's permit hit environment impact (Amdal). DPRD DKI also ask for mal's development at Garden Fun discontinued. (adi)