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Peeking Gudeg's Cookery Recipe JOGJa's Original

5 chicken crosscuts
1 santan's case powder (thawed by 2 water liters)
1 tin can jack fruit bra
5 eggs

5 sdt sand sugars
2 lbr greeting leafs
2 alpina galanga minces
Salt at sufficiently
5 garlic fangs
5 red onions
1 sdm coriander
5 walnuts
1 javanese sugared ounce (according to appetite)

Trick makes:
1. Ground all condiment, but greeting leaf, alpina galanga and java sugar.
2. Semi chicken poaching mateng and its water throwing away (to remove fat)
3. Boiled egg and its skin husk.
4. Insert all condiment, jack fruit, egg and santan into pan, poaching until red colored and water is gone (about 2 3 hours), as once swirl so ruddles merata.
5. Approximately half hour before water is gone insert chicken and stirred up.
6. After water is gone and red colored gudeg mortal damps down, come to pieces gudeg, egg and chicken.
7. Readily been dished by added sambal krecek's shirring (if there is)

if water was depleted but gudeg was red can add water again, but advisable adds hot water.
Source : http://resepmasakanindonesia.idcc.info

UN and UASBN 2011

CIRCUIT UN and UASBN 2011 will begin on Aprils 18, 2011. High school and equivalent schools, major exams begin in 18 to 21st April 2011 and subsequent examinations at 25 to 28th April 2011. for junior high school and equivalent schools's usa, major exams begin in 25 to 28th April 2011 and subsequent examinations at 3 to 6 May 2011.
In 2011 the UN, the Events Calendar using a. new for determining graduation's formula, which is a. combination between the UN and the Value of School (NS), which includes school exams and the value of report cards. At the UN, 2011, graduation of students from the UN is determined based on the NA, ie the combined value of school subjects diujinasionalkan with UN values.
For SMP / MTs and SMPLB, the school / madrasah obtained from a. combination of scores the school / madrasah's test (U.S. / M ) and the average value of report cards's semesters 1,2,3,4, and 5 with a. weighting of 60% for the U.S. / M and 40% for the average value of report cards. for SMA / MA's usa, SMALB and SMK, the value of s / m obtained from the joint between the U.S. / M and the average value of 3.4 report card's semesters, and 5 with a. weighting of 60% for the U.S. / M and 40% for the average value average report card (the is game No. 45 of 2010). The average value of at least 5.50. Whatever you have prepared and conducted the students to enable them to pass the UN / UASBN 2011?

Graduation is Prices Dead's usa
Learning from the experience of recent years, graduation is a. fixed price that can't be bargained. To graduate, students must be disciplined, study hard, have high morale, diligent, and have a. strong determination. In connection with the UN / UASBN 2011, with a. minimum average rating 5.50, for maximum results so well prepared and enthusiastic spirit of learning is the goes to y.. There was no. other option for students but study more serious, disciplined, enterprising, and persevering to pass.
Students should be optimistic and enthusiastic to be able to pass the UN (2011). Students must convince himself that his success in taking the national examination is more determined by yourself's acre. For that study hard, diligent, and full of spirit is the goes to y.. Thus, students can be more calm in the face of the UN, and the percentage of students' graduation rates can be increased from year to year.
For reference, here is presented some's acre to face the UN's tips. It is expected that these is provide inspiration's tips, motivation, optimism, and a. strong enthusiasm to the students to pass the UN (2011). First, learn more enterprising, industrious, and full of spirit, either alone or in groups. Own learning, for example, by reading, understanding the significant, understand SKL, and working on problems that is likely to be the UN's acre. Learn useful is to answer's group, discuss and discuss the questions and subject matter which is considered difficult. Through discussion, students is able to exchange information's acre, opinions, help each other and complement each other and draw from the experience of each member. If there is any subject matter that can't be solved members of the is group, it is advisable to check directly with the subject teachers or anyone who know about it.
secondly, calm heart and mind. To be able to understand the subject matter, needs to be supported by the peace of heart, clear mind, and being open. Avoid negative thoughts. If there is problems to be resolved before the UN took place's acre. UN would be easier if faced with a. joyous mood and enthusiasm.
Third, maintain health. This is important because health is the main capital to learn and think clearly. Sleep enough, exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods and beverages so that when the UN arrived in a. state of physical condition fit, fresh, and healthy.
Fourth, foster self confidence is strong. Students should have a. sense of optimism in the face of the UN. Remember, the one of success is believing in yourself's diarrhoea. Convince yourself, could is i., then certainly can. Fifth, avoid the ways that dirty and despicable in the work of UN. For example, by way of cheating. Cheating shows dependence on others. Students who cheat don't have confidence. Sixth, many is praying's acre. Prayer is an all powerful force for success. Humans is helpless without His help's acre. For that, in addition to studying hard and smart, pray for help and guidance from Him. Optimal Sincere prayer will enrich the spiritual and obtain results.
The students, survivors struggled to take UN 2011. Great nation need a. younger generation of militants. May you be a. part in it. **

* The author, Head of Saint Francis of Assisi Pontiac High School.
By: Y Priyono Definitely

Earthquake 5.0 SR Rocks Sumatra Utara

Areas happening earthquake Sumatra. This time, its force 5,0 richter scale (SR) and gets center at Soiled Term, North sumatra.

Published by Meteorology Body sites Klimatologi and Geophysics (BMKG), Tuesday (19 / 4 / 2011), surrounding happening earthquake hits 05.40 WIB.

Epicenter lies at depth 35 Km and spaced 90 km towards Northeast Soiled Term, Sumut. This earthquake not potentially tsunami.

Haven't available reporting about damage or earthquake effect victim.

Lake kelimutu With Three Colors In Indonesia

Kelimutu gets wind at the world because 3 its different lake its color that its atop lie. All this time existence it as legend interesting touristed for coming and witnessing its aesthetical.

It atop on a high 1.650 m above face goes out to sea kelimutu's Mountains (Keli=gunung Mutu=indah) keep 3 lakes it. Surrounding resident and especially tribe Lio believes that late resident that dies will reside at lake third that. Each is: Tiwu Ata Mbupu is black chromatic lake that becomes place late parent, Tiwu Nuwamuri Koofai is green chromatic lake that becomes place late young persons and Tiwu Ata Is tan colored lake Polos that becomes place late tenung's evil men or worker.


If you will see aesthetical kelimutu, you can by air and land. With plane you can fly from Bali go to Ende or Maumere. Fortunately writer takes route via Ende. Airport H. Hasan Aroeboesman at Ende, as entrance kelimutu. Airport brazes 3 it in view simple. Base distance goes to terminal a stone's throw. In front seeming terminal one hill which high enough. Pilots has to beware that hill, if will land or take off on weather fogged.

Off fence, one Ende's young man waves to put hand out while writer will enter arrival room, clamant: Taxi … taxi … pack? She offers mengantar goes to Ende with Rp's cost. 30 thousand. Writer asks how if go to Moni? Duke the young men it offers self for mengantar comes unto Moni. So agreement afters at the price we glide with Toyota Innova that relative still new. Writer asks for to see Ende's city before before to Moni. Duke apparently enough responsive. She directly take in us go to Karno's Fella retreat goes to Ende. One of fossil which is kept up.

Observable Green lake adjoining with Brown Lake that its color as Coca Cola. Two its lakes just drew the line by crags as broad as + 5 meters.

See aesthetical this spekatuler's one, not tertahankan writer looks for the most position duly to enjoy Swt's Allah opus this. Even writer walking its correct climbs up at along lakeside, to get angle that good.

Source : www.google.com

New UNESCO World Heritage Site


The British government build these prisons in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Some of these sites remind Australians of their dark past when many people from Europe came bound with chains, sentenced to punishment 'transfer' for crimes such as theft to murder. Of the 11 sites listed by UNESCO, five in Tasmania, including Port Arthur, which serves as a punitive institution until 1877.

Lie at Henan's Province, Dengfeng's historic monument is scattered Mountain around Song, religions idolatrous center Tao. There is 13 building and ancient site structure, including Temple Shaolin, place comes into the world it Buddhisme Zen and kung fu; Songyang's academy, one of eldest learning center at Chinese; and Songyue's Temple, place forming eldest brick pagoda at Chinese.


World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the Asia Pacific region.
Among Mantar at Jaipur is historic observatory to be outgrown and eldest that is at India. Entirely this building made from local and marble stone. Built in the early 1700 by Jai Singh's Emperors II., equipment at this sites measures and predict astronomy scene with tremendous accuracy. The most pulls is Samrat Yantra, sundial as high as 27 meters (still accurate until two seconds) and two hollow that enable observer to follow moon move.

4.South Korea

Hahoe's village and Yangdong, both at Gyeongsang's Province North, chosen as delegation of main culturizes historic klan at Korea. Houses awake aristocrat clan with every consideration and orderly, learned room, and academy reflect to culturize Konfusius of Joseon's dynasties; aesthetical mountain which drawn round it, meadow and an river that menginspirasi there are many ode by laureate of century 17 and 18. Mask dance tradition is still to hitherto live since 500 last year.

5.Sri Lanka

Lie 2500 mdpl, Plain area Intermediate as been chosen Inheritance Sites Universalizes UNESCO eight from Sri Lanka because it ecological point. That mountain region, one that covers three lindung's areas, having unique ecosystem. Its cashew tree that circles and' cretin' different of a high grove at lowland forest around it. This mountain forest keep flora and fauna wealth, including mammal which destroyed almost, as langur (little monkey) get purple face, loris is Horton's Plain, and leopard Sri Lanka.

6. Vietnam
Built by Ly's dynasty on century 11, Thang Long's empire fortress is center Vietnamese governance up to 800 years. This fortress then is built reby its router dynasties, and took over by Prancis on 1888 is next add a lot of buildings pre colonial. On 2002, while is digging up for parliament building development a new one, found 11 palace foundations, about 4 subsurface meters, dynasty justice oddment Ly. Archeological sites digging up that stills continually continue it is predicted as the greatest at South-east Asia history
Source : www.Yahoo.com