Thursday, April 21, 2011


Kartini Day - R. Ajeng Kartini is one of the heroes of the struggle of women who were born on April 21, 1879 in the town of Jepara, Central Java. RA Kartini during his lifetime, including children who are diligent and avid reader of books that's why he got a scholarship opportunity to attend school abroad to the Netherlands. But that opportunity has not been in use by RA Kartini because they have to marry Raden Duke Joyodiningrat.

But RA Kartini's struggle did not stop there, After marriage she established a school for girls in various places. It is fully supported by her husband RA Kartini's struggle to stop katika he breathed last in a relatively young age of 25 years, On 17 September 1904. because the struggle against women who used the school may not make as if the world changes because of RA Kartini's struggle, because That Appears book titled "After Darkness Light" by Mr.JH Abendanon.

Biography of RA Kartini above makes us salute will struggle to get the right of a woman who was not allowed to get an education and now a woman can get an education up to the level that he is able. therefore, to commemorate the struggle and Cultural RA Kartini each on 21 April every year in sabagai commemorate Kartini Day.

We as the next generation should mencotoh RA Kartini's struggle is with the persistent struggle for their rights as women and do not never give up before the death. In the year we commemorate Kartini's Day should not only fill in the activities of a temporary example: race, work and other clothing - but more toward the other to something that is the struggle that would be more useful for ourselves, others and even to the state. If all that could walk Hopefully Indonesia will be the country that Britain, strong and civilized.

Happy Kartini Day ..... Women in created not for the oppressed or abused, but for the respect and love .... :)

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