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AMIKOM Arranges Wirausaha's Graduation First Time

To is AMIKOM'S first time as one of PMW'S coordinator (Wirausaha's College Student program) AMIKOM'S rayon arrange wirausaha's graduation. This graduation intent to motivate college student that berwirausaha and also college student in a general way, adding network and goodwill among college student that berwirausaha with attending relationship deep that graduation event and gives appreciation and experience to wirausaha's college student.

On saturday, 16th April 2011 graduation it happens and get places at spatial image 1 STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta's campus and bertepatan with Technopreneur's national seminar. This graduation happens up to 4 hour start to hit 08.00 WIB 12.00 WIB. This graduation followed by college students of a variety PTN and PTS what do be at Yogyakarta and presented by severally expects a guest invitation as KADIN'S chairman, chairman of kemahasiswaan's area college that its college student at graduation, delegation of DPR Yogyakarta's member, delegation from KOPERTIS region v and also delegation from Menkominfo economy area. See from positive flank with intent useful one, therefore this graduation is plotted continual and set arranged each 3 months once.

JAMAWI (Wirausaha's College Student network) also dilauching on that graduation, JAMAWI constitutes organization who will staff college students which berwirausaha and its organisational following this is as executor of wirausaha's graduation. III. Puket AMIKOM (Drs. Idris Purwanto,MM) expect that JAMAWI'S following becomes container for all college student wirausaha that ada. / REI

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Pirate Somalia Shall be faced by Military

VIVAnews is Somalia's Government rues to mark sense Indonesian citizen arrest by pirate at Aden's Bay waters. Somalia also says that Indonesia not necessarily ask for permit to Somalia's government to attack pirate at their waters, directly comes in even.

It passed on by Somalia's Ambassador to Indonesian, Mohamud Olow Barow at Jakarta, Wednesday, 13th April 2011. On that chance, she apologizes on what happen to 20 Indonesian origin crews.

"We apologize on what happen Somalia to bound fast Indonesia. This is kriminal's agglomerate conduct that irresponsible. We accord to concern for this scene," its says.

With glib indonesian, Barow says that pirates is freeman who shall be exterminated. It, say Barow, are also constitute task of international society.

Now have is more than 20 state that down its navy at pirate gristle waters Somalia. Indonesia has downed task force at territorial it, and also does attack go to Somalia's waters, one that believed by ABK'S place bounds fast holy Light be helded captive. Government equivocates, to do attack goes to Somalia's waters, need earlier ask for Somalia's government permit.

But, Barow says that Somalia's waters frees to be entered who just that wants to extirpate pirates. She bears out that it was established by rev 1916 year 2008 PBB'S Security Councils that is made bases pressure of Somalia's government own that claims excess to face pirates.

"Indonesia not necessarily asks for permit, we have conceded intern ship come in to go to Somalia's waters and also continent," it is explicit.

Barow says that its government was untrammeled hand of pirates. She says that other states frees to do whatever to pirates that.

"Piracy is prohibited. Please input and even kill that freeman. We are no problem," say Barow.

If really ready Indonesia attacks, say Barow, Somalia's government readily give help whatever, but military energy help because Somalia's navy military gunnery minim and without war vessel.

"We will help intelijen's information and another entries concerning in the presence and character of pirates," say Barow.

If is caught, it is explicit, Indonesian government can administer the law pirates at Indonesian. Similar thing has once been done by South Korea and United States Of America government that administers the law pirates Somalia at its state.

"They can be sentenced at Indonesia, just please, since their conduct was entering to international crime," say Barow. (eh)
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Bali Island

Bali is known as Deity Island (island God / island Paradise) constitute one of place wisata best at Indonesia even the world. Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Two, Bedugul, Ubud, Sukawati, Lovina, etc. constitute famous wisata place at Bali.

Bali is one island at Indonesian, at a swoop as one of Indonesian province. Bali lies between Java and Paprika Island. Its province capital it Denpasar, one that lie at austral this island. Balinese islandic majority is pemeluk hinduism. At the world, Bali well known as tourism aim with yielding various uniqueness its culture art, notably divides touristed Japanese and Australian.

Galaxy look on To Cheat, Apple Litigates Samsung

VIVAnews Apple lists their the plaint to Samsung because reputed breach their intellectual property rights with cheat design some peripheral mobile besutan Apple.
As published by CNet's sites, that the plaint was listed to justice since week then, with objection subject to some product Samsung Galaxy, well smartphone and also tablet computer.
Apple looks on Samsung samples design and proprietary interface by iPhone and also iPad, so breaches patent right and smoothen insanitary competition to Apple.
Even, say Apple, are not only that. Samsungpun imitates Apple until goes to packaging's problem previous apparatus. "Outspoken imitation as it is incorrect, and we need to protect Apple's intellectual property while there is firm which steal our IDE," say Apple's liaison, quoted from AllThingsD's sites.
To CNet, Samsung's delegation says that they will respond this law matter through steps sentence that properly to protect their intellectual property also. "Technological development fundamental from Samsung and portfolio's supports intellectual properties is key of us continual fruitfulness."
This animus is alone will colour unique relationship among Apple and Samsung. On 1999, Apple finds time to get investment as much US$ 100 million to Samsung to menggenjot Samsung's production step-up on monotonic display panel.
For many years, Apple constitutes Samsung's big client. They buy flash Samsung's memory in large quantities to be utilized on iPhone. Samsungpun constitutes penyuplai component sort necessary for peripheral Apple, including processor A4 and A5, one that mengotaki a variety peripheral gets Apple IOS's basis and AppleTV.
Even on February then, two its firms also back meneken contracts for the price US$ 7,8 milliar or Rp 67 trillion for buy a variety component as processor, flash memory, and also LCD'S pane to electronic products that will emerge hereafter. (eh)

Justiin Bieber Show at Indonesian

Justin Bieber Asian is Tour – For you what do like penanyi same justin bieber's youngs, if my friend sih tells justin that children singer … reportedly the justin bieber will concert at Indonesian. If ngaku JB's weight fans deserving of you read this problem its this concern justin bieber's career at Indonesian. Pop star young, Justin Bieber that mengelar will concert at Indonesian on 23th April 2011 approaching. This concert form a part of world its tour where Indonesia is chosen as first place from tur South-east Asia and Australia.

JB's concert singers which begins noise via song “ Baby ” it will be arranged at sentul International Convention Center, Bogor. According to info from akun facebook Justin Bieber Fanpage Indonesian, ticket price for 1juta's ranging festival, grandstand ticket 1 for the price 750ribu, and 250ribu's grandstand ticket.

Promotor is Justin Bieber's concert, Marygops Studios has ensured that this selena Gomez's girlfriend upcoming at month of April approachinging to exhibits concert.

Previously, one that most encouraging for the Justin Bieber, she hasn'ted champion at Indonesian one just in 4 days sells (only at Jakarta), album “ My Worlds ” direct perch at chart retail Disc Par on course number one.

Arsenal's mental problem available exploited Spurs

Contest among Tottenham Hotspur defies Arsenal is assessed will hard walk. Spurs is certain can grab victory because foes be don't lie deep mental state which nicely.
Three same points as target Spurs and Arsenal in derby's fight Northern London that will be passed off at White Hart Lane, Thursday (21 / 4 / 2011) dinihari WIB.

Host team needs to win to look after kans finis at Champions's League zona. While at another fortification three points also needed Arsene Wenger's upbringing team to start up champion opportunity at a swoop merapatkan distances with Manchester United that was bated without goal by Newcastle United Dinihari previously.

In first appointment both of five last month at Emirates, Spurs surprises Arsenal by wins contest 3 2 afters drop behind two goals earlier. Momen that make Spurs's optimism high for mengulang times same success this.

“They (Arsenal) have grotesque team. Fight wills be one contest which be opened. But we point out at Emirates some last month that we can defeat them,” be certain der Vaart's Van that is published from Mirror.

“Fight that it must won't get easy street. But we shall win our rest party and it one of fight most difficult this year. But we want to play at Champions's League front year.”

“Arsenal has skuad young. Problem with skuad young – one, you really play grotesque, but at other contest may contests most important, you will lose point,” its affirms.

Criticism concerning Arsenal's mentality that was okay also was let fly by Arsenal's captain own, Cesc Fabregas.

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Cause of Balita Fat at Indonesian

Jakarta, Indonesia can't yet take down from state state with balita nutrient contemns. But apparently is not only balita nutrient just contemn which can troublesome, balita is fat can also evoke a lot of risk.

Total balita fat at Indonesian up to 14 percents, overbid few be appealed scrawny balita amount and skinned rabbit that as big as 13,3 percents. Meanwhile balita's amount normal nutrient terminologicals Riskedas 2010 still higher which is 72,8 percents.

Balita is the so called fat nutrient luxuriant acknowledged can become risk factor of a variety disease and this condition of can be experienced since balita.

Riskedas's data 2010 note cities by totals balita fatness is:

Jakarta (19,6 percents)
North sumatra (18,3 percents)
South-east sulawesi (18,1 percent)
Bali (17,5 percents)
East java (17,1 percent)

Balita is fat or this luxuriant nutrient don't since eating but fault excess in chooses food.

"Happening luxuriant nutrient because imbalance among incoming energy with secretory," say Menkes Dr Dr Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih, MPH DrPH in opening More Nutrient seminar: Future hidden threat Indonesian Child at kemenkes's Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (20 / 4 / 2011).

Menkes announces available a few things who can cause luxuriant nutrient risk which is:

Child that comes into the world with body weight low (BBLR) and short
Baby that given by formula milk because ingoing energy laids it on thick to be appealed by its requirement
Changing life style and no physical activity
Uneven alimentary consumption

"It is inadequate only at school, but also at its environment," Menkes's revealing.

In the meantime Dr. Budihardja, DTM & H,MPH interrupts me dirjen Nutrient and kemenkes's Mother and Child health announces to increase it burly baby prevalence or nutrient more musti shall be bewared. It because happening merata at all age zoom and economy state.

This condition of can trigger PTM'S happening (Disease Does Not Contaminate) as diseased as kardiovaskuler, diabetes, cancer, muskuloskeletal's abnormality and respiration abnormality.

Menkes reveals in settle this problem doesn't make to program that fusses since its following won't walk motherly eternal is asked out to make pie with. But makes practical morning food and nutritive.

"Now be tren hands down to cook with artist, try to make program by asks out artist to cook with how to make ready fast one food, nutritive and practical," Menkes's revealing.

Besides available many strategy othering to prevent nutrient excess and obesitas on balita as announced by Dr Minarto, MPS interrupts me DPP PERSAGI'S chairman (Indonesian Nutritionist association) which is:

Applying babies alimentary gold standard which be begun by undertaking IMD (Early Bottle-fed initiation), giving Exclusive Attention up to 6 months and is kept on until 2 years and give Attention associate foods (MP IS ATTENTION) precisely.
Socializing poised nutrient
Doing detection and early intervention by undertaking weight measurement and body high regularly
Doing physical activity
Applying PHBS'S behaviour (Clear Living behaviour and healthy)

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