Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peeking Gudeg's Cookery Recipe JOGJa's Original

5 chicken crosscuts
1 santan's case powder (thawed by 2 water liters)
1 tin can jack fruit bra
5 eggs

5 sdt sand sugars
2 lbr greeting leafs
2 alpina galanga minces
Salt at sufficiently
5 garlic fangs
5 red onions
1 sdm coriander
5 walnuts
1 javanese sugared ounce (according to appetite)

Trick makes:
1. Ground all condiment, but greeting leaf, alpina galanga and java sugar.
2. Semi chicken poaching mateng and its water throwing away (to remove fat)
3. Boiled egg and its skin husk.
4. Insert all condiment, jack fruit, egg and santan into pan, poaching until red colored and water is gone (about 2 3 hours), as once swirl so ruddles merata.
5. Approximately half hour before water is gone insert chicken and stirred up.
6. After water is gone and red colored gudeg mortal damps down, come to pieces gudeg, egg and chicken.
7. Readily been dished by added sambal krecek's shirring (if there is)

if water was depleted but gudeg was red can add water again, but advisable adds hot water.
Source : http://resepmasakanindonesia.idcc.info

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