Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New UNESCO World Heritage Site


The British government build these prisons in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Some of these sites remind Australians of their dark past when many people from Europe came bound with chains, sentenced to punishment 'transfer' for crimes such as theft to murder. Of the 11 sites listed by UNESCO, five in Tasmania, including Port Arthur, which serves as a punitive institution until 1877.

Lie at Henan's Province, Dengfeng's historic monument is scattered Mountain around Song, religions idolatrous center Tao. There is 13 building and ancient site structure, including Temple Shaolin, place comes into the world it Buddhisme Zen and kung fu; Songyang's academy, one of eldest learning center at Chinese; and Songyue's Temple, place forming eldest brick pagoda at Chinese.


World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the Asia Pacific region.
Among Mantar at Jaipur is historic observatory to be outgrown and eldest that is at India. Entirely this building made from local and marble stone. Built in the early 1700 by Jai Singh's Emperors II., equipment at this sites measures and predict astronomy scene with tremendous accuracy. The most pulls is Samrat Yantra, sundial as high as 27 meters (still accurate until two seconds) and two hollow that enable observer to follow moon move.

4.South Korea

Hahoe's village and Yangdong, both at Gyeongsang's Province North, chosen as delegation of main culturizes historic klan at Korea. Houses awake aristocrat clan with every consideration and orderly, learned room, and academy reflect to culturize Konfusius of Joseon's dynasties; aesthetical mountain which drawn round it, meadow and an river that menginspirasi there are many ode by laureate of century 17 and 18. Mask dance tradition is still to hitherto live since 500 last year.

5.Sri Lanka

Lie 2500 mdpl, Plain area Intermediate as been chosen Inheritance Sites Universalizes UNESCO eight from Sri Lanka because it ecological point. That mountain region, one that covers three lindung's areas, having unique ecosystem. Its cashew tree that circles and' cretin' different of a high grove at lowland forest around it. This mountain forest keep flora and fauna wealth, including mammal which destroyed almost, as langur (little monkey) get purple face, loris is Horton's Plain, and leopard Sri Lanka.

6. Vietnam
Built by Ly's dynasty on century 11, Thang Long's empire fortress is center Vietnamese governance up to 800 years. This fortress then is built reby its router dynasties, and took over by Prancis on 1888 is next add a lot of buildings pre colonial. On 2002, while is digging up for parliament building development a new one, found 11 palace foundations, about 4 subsurface meters, dynasty justice oddment Ly. Archeological sites digging up that stills continually continue it is predicted as the greatest at South-east Asia history
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